Tuesday, January 20, 2009

rejoice part 2

i didn't have time to blog this morning about it.

but yesterdays church sermon really got me thinking and i haven't really processed it all yet. i need to listen to the sermon again so i can fully grasp it all. but it was deep and totally spoke to me. how exactly i'm not sure as i need to listen to it again. but i dunno it just hit me deep inside.

onto other things.

i feel sort of crazy for making a new blog even though i know it was a right thing to do. i feel like i can't blog in my other ones cause it has so much of the past hurts and dreams and whatnot in it but i'm not there anymore. i don't need to relive that pain. so afresh i go. hopefully that will be better. and i did feel so much need to blog but it just got so painful cause i'd have to go to livejournal and blog in that same blog of crazy and hurt and. i had to keep it private for some reason. but its just silly.

i needed this to get things out so i don't have to hold it in anymore. i hope this will be better for me.

ever since yesterday morning at church. one song we sung i don't remember the name of it. if i listened to them i could figure out the name. its not the normal traditional songs. at my church mostly they write their own so its cool but this one did have the line "rejoice in the Lord always, and again i say rejoice" and it just really has stuck in my head since yesterday. i just really need to process and work through everything.

today wasn't such a crappy day which i'm not used to cause normally all my days are so crappy and depressed filled. but i don't talk about it i try to ignore it. but today was a family day i was pretty much forced to go cause i never go. they always do things i don't want to do. we were gonna go to the zoo but the day started out dicey as i didn't feel very good at all. i've had such a horrible time sleeping lately. but the zoo was packed so i was like well lets go to the science center we haven't gone there in a longlong time. it was fun we saw an imax movie about the nile river and we went around the rest of the science center. and we also went out to dinner. all in all it was a pretty okay day. i mean it wasn't pee your pants exciting but it was better than most days.

tomorrow i will work on driving and parking with my dad thank goodness cause i keep trying to get my parents to do this with me but they never listen. the point is to get my lisence so i don't have to keep waitng and waiting for rides and taking the bus. so i want to get this driving thing down. but yeah then my last knitting class. and wednesday i got roped into watching toddlers at church. i love them but i don't get to watch lost on tv that night. which is okay really cause i haven't watched all of season 4 yet either. but still.

and the last but not least thing.

i really love scarves. they are simply amazing. thats all for now.

Monday, January 19, 2009


rejoice in the lord always and again i say REJOICE

i will write more bout this later cause i have to leave soon but i just wanted to throw it out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

first post

well i'm not quite sure how to start this but here it is. i am amy and this is my blog of rambles welcome.

here i will spew out my nonsense, my frustrations, my failures, my happiness, my accomplishments and so on and so forth.

maybe my insecurities and how i grow along the way. but i have a long way to go. thats for sure. and maybe through this blog i will grow unlike the other blogs i have which only hold the past. i need to move forward from that stuff and here i am trying. so thats all i have folks. goodbye and goodnight.