Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well this last weekend was kind of a bummer.

Didn't do a whole lot it was pretty packed with church and the boys homework. Bleck. Last week sometime I can't remember what day it was. But I had had enough of my hair it was too long in places and I just couldn't stand it so I went to get it cut at this new salon that was doing haircuts for 9.99. it sounded a bit scary but I heard good reviews so I went figured why not. The last haircut I got was kinda bad and it was 14.95. welll this haircut was SO much better. It made me happy that It was cheap and that it was great. It looks so much better. But she cut more than I anticipated off the length so that was kind of a bummer but its not bad.

This stupid crow is not shutting up so its distracting me. I'm already super distracted and slow going today. I really wish I could shoot that thing. Well not really but you get my frustration.

Also please check out my giveaway! I'd really like to actually have the giveaway and it not be a bust. Kinda depressing.

Lets see, well i'm starting to get caught up in my reading. So that’s great. But I want to read all these books all at once so its frustrating that I can't. Haha.

My garden is finally doing well. I had to yank out the cauliflower though because it was so infested with aphids. It was pointless. But hopefully my cucumbers make it they keep getting this mildew fungus and I am trying to stay on top of it but its hard. But the rest is starting to go great. I have a plan already for next year so thats cool. Not much else is going on. I plan to read books all night. I will probably knock out one and get halfway through another. That is my goal.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Young and in love by Ted Cunningham

"What if We’ve Got This Purity Thing All Wrong?
In Young and In Love, pastor, author, and speaker Ted Cunningham boldly argues that young love should be celebrated, even promoted. Early marriages can be God’s will and often provide the key to sexual purity. With this in mind, Cunningham shares the secrets to a successful early marriage with those in their late teens and early twenties who are in love.
This book suits anyone experiencing young love who struggles with naysayers who dismiss or hinder a God-designed relationship. It also addresses young adults who struggle with the teachings of other popular books on abstinence or on delaying dating or marriage. And it offers parents and pastors who feel concerned about a relationship a source of wise counsel that carefully prepares young adults for a godly marriage."

In Young and in Love Ted Cunningham has some pretty bold views on love, more specifically young love. He thinks that it should be promoted and celebrated more than it is. Most people think early marriages are horrible and always end in divorce. But thats not even the issue. There are many factors that can end a marriage. Though people do give up a lot. Being young and married has nothing to do with it. There are a lot of secrets that Ted shares to have a successful early marriage or even just a relationship.

This book was a really great read, not only did it have a few quotes from Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill. It was just really great advice for people in love. For me being in my late 20's there was a lot that I learned while reading this book. This is a book I wished I had when I was a teenager. There was a time when I would go read a lot of dating and relationship books to be prepared for when that time came. And this one would have been amazing to have. Its really great that young people now will have this to look through and read. There is so much to say about it. Because its so packed with great tips and advice. But you should just go pick it up, you will not regret it.

Tombstones and Banana Trees by Medad Birungi and Craig Borlase

"Growing up with a violent father in the country of Uganda in the 1960s, Medad Birungi faced physical and emotional pain that few people can imagine––yet today he speaks of a revolutionary forgiveness we all can experience.

Once a boy who begged to die by the side of the road, once a teenager angry enough to kill, once a man broken and searching, today Medad is a testimony to God’s transforming power. Through his story of healing, Medad calls readers to find healing from their own emotional scars. As Medad’s remarkable journey shows, when people forgive each other, they are doing something truly radical. They are changing relationships, communities, countries. They are welcoming God into the corners of the human soul, where real revolution begins."

This memoir by Medad Birungi is so powerful. At times it left me speechless with all the things that happened in his life. It was truly heartbreaking. To think of all the experiences and things he had gone through, its truly baffling.

It was great to see how he rose about all of it. Now if you want to know what its about, Medad came from a not so great living situation, he lived in Uganda and he faced a lot of things that we couldn't even dream about. Having to live in a polygamous family, to being abused and left by his father. He dealt with drugs and drunkenness. All while hiding his problems from his mother. There was one day when his life had changed. He heard a choir come and speak at the school and something in him changed. Throughout all the hard times. God was always there. This story is well there isn't much to say cause there is so much to say that you don't want to say anything at all. Its really eye opening and encouraging that he could come out of all of that with such a great attitude and love for God.

Friday, August 12, 2011 review and giveaway! contacted me wanting to provide me a canvas print for review. I was all for it! I was pretty excited.

Now for the website, you just pick the size of canvas you want, upload a picture and then figure out a few other options. And then order. Its simple. Now I thought it was gonna go real fast though it didn't go fast at all. It took me forever to get it to the way I wanted. And even so it wasn't a perfect as I wanted it to be when I uploaded the picture. It was pretty frustrating to be perfectly honest. But I got it to a point where I would be fine with it. It may have just been me and my perfectionism hah.

Anyhow, I ordered it and then got super super fast shipping. I was really impressed with the shipping time that was great. It was packed really well with a fragile sticker on the box which was great so it was kept nice and not damaged in shipping.

And here is the finished result:

I LOVE it, its so nice and cute. I've never had a picture turned into a canvas print so I didn't quite know what to expect but I’m really impressed with it. I love the picture we chose it just is great I don't have anywhere to put it up right now but in the future it will be great to hang up.

And now for the fun part! My very first giveaway! One of my readers can win an 8X10 or 10X8 canvas picture of their very own! There are only a few things to qualify for this.

  • You need to live in the US
  • follow Easy canvas prints on twitter
  • like easy canvas prints on facebook.
  • Be a follower on my blog.
Thanks and good luck! the giveaway will end August 31st!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wow so the weekend was pretty great.

Seafair was pretty great. It didn't start off very good. The boy was a bit cranky. We got through it though.

The hydro races and air show were great. I have so many pictures. On the downside I did miss some of the races I wanted to see. But its alright. We got some freebies which is always fun. And coupons! We decided to buy food there for lunch. And I got a foot long corn dog and I ate the whole thing. The boy and I had to have some talks and it was pretty good we just sat in my car for awhile after it was over and just talked it was different than before so it made me feel like we're getting somewhere with our issues.

Other than that the weekend was low key, yesterday I watched the kids at bible group like normal. Then after I went to the grocery store to get veggies. I needed some for what I was gonna make. I was also very happy to find a little package of risotto I have never had it and wanted to try a recipe in a cookbook I have. So I was happy to find a little package. The other big things of it are 10 bucks. And that’s crazy. But yeah so I’m excited to make that. But that is for another night. Last night I made some really amazing minestrone soup. Cooking is so fun. I need to make a beef stew that will be really great and thick. I gotta look that up though. And the other night the boy and I made zucchini bread but we put applesauce in it instead of oil. And its really weird. Its a spongy texture now. Its also really dark, but we had new nutmeg. The bottle of the nutmeg we had before was older and wasn't as potent as this one. So I don't really know what went wrong. Its not bad its just not the same as the other batches. Ah well.

Other than that I have a giveaway post coming up! I'm gonna post it in a few days so that’s cool. I'm just waiting for all these books to come in the mail. And tonight I’m just gonna read. Hopefully I can get somewhere farther in the book so I can get closer to not being behind anymore. That’s all for now!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well since that last entry I’ve been doing alright.

The boy and I have just been talking a lot. And the weekend was great! Um Saturday it was pretty hot and honestly I think that we fought a little and I don't really remember what else we did. I believe we played lego indiana jones haha. Love that game. I have a hankering to play it tonight actually.

Sunday we went to church, we served now that we are gonna do it every week its like back to normal I am so beyond grateful for that. I love those kids so much. Its good to know that they love us too. The little girl I used to watch, Callie she is so adorable I love that kid so much and she was having fun with the boy and I. Also we have another one that loves us. Our little violet she is three so she should be in the next room but she wouldn't make it in there honestly. She has a hard time paying attention shes just not ready for it. But we also have watched her and her brothers and sister once at their house. And it will probably become a regular thing so their parents can have a date night. They haven't had one uh I’m not sure the last time they did. But they have four kids and they probably haven't had a date night since they had two.. that’s a long time so it will be fun to do that for them.

Right now I’m waiting for my toenails to dry so I can put another coat of polish on them. I love that its so great.

Lets see, I’ve just been working on some things. I really am excited about stuff to come here on the blog. I have a giveaway coming up and a really awesome author feature/interview! I'm beyond excited. I will just have to be working on those soon. But whew its just exciting for me. So keep tuned in for that.
Other than that um I am getting things ready for seafair. The boy and I are going out for seafair weekend, we are going on Saturday, there are hydroplane races, expensive food, freebies, air shows. Its gonna be a blast. Last year it rained and this year it doesn't look like there will be rain anywhere in sight and I’m gonna get me a shaved ice. I'm REALLY excited. I've wanted one for a long time now. Last year I was gonna get one but it rained and I was already cold enough haha. But this is my year to relive my shaved ice childhood days!
Back to Sunday. So we did church, then we went out for lunch/breakfast it was SO good. And then we went for a walk at alki beach. It was a longlong walk cause we had to go to the bathroom but the bathrooms were on the opposite side of where we parked. So It was rough but in the end I think we walked at least 2 miles. I'm not sure I didn't really check it out. Then after we got home, we had gone to the store for some things, like rootbeer float supplies. Which we never ended up having. And then we were gonna watch the dawn treader! It was so good. Netflix is great haha I’m loving the dvd thing. Too bad the streaming will go away soon. Ah well what can you do. So yeah it was a pretty amazing day.

Another thing that I’m excited about, is coupons. We are gonna have to get some food to bring to seafair. Mostly because 4 bucks for a corndog isn't gonna fly. Especially since one corndog doesn't fill anyone up. So we are gonna buy stuff like a salad kid from fresh express. The chicken taco one is amazing. Totally my favorite. So we're gonna do that, make some sandwiches for breakfast and later just in case. And then we're gonna get some roasted garlic hummus. The best part of all of that is I found coupons for almost every single thing we're gonna buy for seafair. It really made me excited. Haha I probably shouldn't get THAT excited but I’m cheap so it does excite me. That’s pretty much it for now. I got behind on blogs AGAIN ugh. I suck but yeah I’ll get to it. Until next time people!