Sunday, June 26, 2011

good ole wiffle balls..

I feel pretty numb and depressed.

I feel like I can do nothing right

I get asked to do something and wait a few days to do it and when I finally do it, that’s wrong too. I got asked to fertilize the garden and water it. So I go and do it, let it known I am doing it and then after I’ve already done it, I get yelled at. I really feel like I need to get out of here and fast. Most of what happens is me getting yelled at. Yeah I get that my dad is having issues and is stressed but a lot of what he is stressed about isn't a factor and he is pretty much grumpy 24/7 and takes it out on all of us. He gives me these looks like I’m good for nothing, it could be the hormones but he can be downright horribly mean. And I just feel like I need to get out of here fast. I need to get money and figure out a plan and just get away.

Yesterday and today suck. Seems like I keep getting snapped at for everything. And I got hit in the face with a wiffle ball. And it hurt so bad it left an imprint for at least an hour. Good times.

I just feel like I’m good for nothing. I have been doing stuff around the house. I do a lot for everyone here but somehow its ALL wrong. I dunno I just really need to work to lose weight and get out of this house. I need to get out and get on with life with the boy.

Blah I’d say that things will be better tomorrow. But that is highly unlikely

Friday, June 24, 2011

Since that last entry. I have gotten rid of my cough thank goodness that was driving me crazy. But this last week has been so crappy, crap happened and my net book is dead. I am hoping it can be revived. Yesterday I was so weepy that I was trying to eat some pizza and then I dropped it on the floor which made me laugh/cry then I almost peed my pants haha. I am a huge mess.

My newest obsession/craving is roasted garlic hummus, the kind that is made by sabra. Oh man I’m so obsessed with it. I couldn't find any and it was making me mad so I went out to another store about 15 mins away and found some! It was enough to make me happy. Cause Saturday the boy and I were fighting and I was gonna get ice cream at cold stone. And I did but it was WAY too sweet so it wasn't totally the best thing for my craving. I should have just gone to DQ which I will next time.

I dunno things lately have kinda been crappy. But not crappy at the same time. I do wish that the post office would get their crap together cause I’m so sick of having lost books. And having to have them sent out 2 or 3 times before I get them. Its such a horrible inconvenience. Not to mention the fact that I’m so horribly be hind in reviewing books. Oi I have such huge huge piles they are taking over my room! But what can ya do. I kinda got wrapped up in a granny square blanket project I started whipping up which I’m really excited about but reading kinda got put on the back burner. I need to have a balanced time for both hobbies haha I guess I will eventually.

I started working out with a kettle bell my legs hurted so bad the last few days. But it has to be done, I have to start losing this weight. Hopefully everything will work and start coming off eventually.

I think that’s all that’s happening with me now.

Until next time.

Book Review - Spring For Susannah by Catherine Richmond

Spring for Susannah 
Spring For Susannah is a new historical fiction book out from Thomas Nelson publishers. This is the debut novel for Catherine Richmond. But for being a first novel it sure doesn't seem like it and it really doesn't disappoint at all!

Susannah is a mail-order bride who is very uncertain about what is to come in her new life. Her world is rocked when her parents pass away and there are no gentlemen interested in her. So she has agreed to marry her pastor's brother, Jesse. Suddenly Susannah has now left the only place she has ever called home to the great unknown of the Dakota territory.

Jesse surprises Susannah with how loving and patient he is. She does have a hard time believing that she deserves any of it and is constantly on her guard, no matter how accepting Jesse seems to be. But with God's help Jesse slowly breaks through Susannah's tough outer shell.

Now they are getting along nicely together. But Susannah becomes pregnant, only to miscarry a little while later. Her life feels like it's crumbling to the ground. Meanwhile the winter is extremely hard for her and only adds to her general despair. And when she finally sees the first potential of spring coming it gives her a great amount of hope for her new life.

Now, what do I think of this novel? I loved this book a whole lot. I cannot remember reading a first time novel that was on this level or this awesome. Catherine Richmond definitely has an incredible gift for writing.

From the very start Catherine draws you into the the story. You wouldn't even believe that this is a debut novel! The characters Susannah and Jesse were extremely easy to understand and relate with. I was really impressed by the fact that Catherine wasn't afraid to write about lovemaking. Most Christian fiction skirts right around that or avoids it in general (though the bible doesn't). But she wrote about it in such a tasteful and special way, much like what it would be like in a marriage. That was very refreshing and made for a more complete, satisfying story.
Now that isn't the only good thing about this book. The way the writing flows is fantastic though it could be considered confusing by some in the way that it switches back and forth between the past and present day. The way the story is laid out gives you a really great back story and helps you to really see who these characters are and what they are really like. Jesse is incredibly sweet and Susannah is super guarded, though in the end they get their bearings with each other and develop a beautiful relationship. I think that this book would make a really fantastic movie.

Go check out this novel at your book store!! You will not regret it one bit. I received this novel in exchange for my review, and that didn't affect my views at all.

To celebrate her debut novel, Catherine and her publisher, Thomas Nelson, have teamed up to give away a Spring For Susannah Prize Package worth over $150!

One grand prize winner will receive:

* A brand new Latest Generation KINDLE with Wi-Fi and Pearl Screen

* Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond (for KINDLE)

To enter just click one of the icons below and then tell your friends! But hurry, giveaway ends on June 27th. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 28th at 5 PM (6PM MST, 7PM CST, & 8PM EST) during Catherine's Spring for Susannah Book Club Party on Facebook! Catherine is rustling up some fun for the party - she'll be chatting about the story behind her novel, hosting a book club chat,  testing your mail-order bride trivia skills, and giving away some GREAT prizes! Don't miss the fun and tell your friends!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review - Chasing Sunsets by Eva Marie Everson

Have you ever just sat in awe at the sunset? Or gone to the coast solely for a look at the breathtaking sights? Well, this new novel called Chasing Sunsets by Eva Marie Emerson might just strike your fancy.

Now this book isn't necessarily just about chasing sunsets. It follows the happenings in Kimberley Tucker's new normal. She is now divorced, a single mom sharing custody with her husband. But the new summer arrangement has her beyond frustrated. Her family owns a home in Cedar Key and her father sends Kimberly there while the kids are with him for 5 weeks. Kimberly doesn't plan on staying there that entire length of time. But that may change with the reacquainting of an old love. She was just trying to find herself there in Cedar Key but now she just might have found a whole lot more.

This was such an entertaining read. I loved the lightness of it with such a beachy feel. The characters in the novel mesh really well together. And since this is the first novel I have read of Eva's I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really great book. Almost makes you wish you were watching a movie about it. And then there is the ever infuriating waiting game for the next novel. I'm sure it will be worth the wait, as this one has proven to be well worth the read. An amazing novel, and they packaged it very nicely with a great cover as well. 

Available June 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Review - The Fine Art of Insecurity by Angela Hunt

The Fine Art of Insecurity is the newest novel out by Angela Hunt. It is published by Howard books.

This is a story of three southern sisters. One of the major threads of this story is that among all three sisters there have been a total of nine marriages. And when their grandmother's house finally sells after being on the market for awhile, they need to finally go clear it out, something which they had never gotten around to ever since she had passed. So they pick the following weekend since it's a holiday. It seems perfect – but nothing was going perfectly for any of these sisters. Each of them have their own issues, whether marital or just plain depression. The narrative dives deep and stays there. Their efforts at claiming things for money and not the memory of their grandmother all gets washed away in the midst of their profound bond. But you'll see what happens when you read it for yourself.

This book was an incredibly fast read, but gripping. Hunt has a way of telling a story in such a way that you are on a cliffhanger at every moment. She really has a talent at spinning stories – which makes it all the more disappointing when the book ends and leaves you longing for more. I enjoyed this very deeply. It was heartbreaking in good and bad ways. She definitely uses the best approach to telling a story in such a living, breathing way. With that said please check this book out – you will be happy you did!

Thank you to Howard and Glassroad for the copy of this novel for review.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Reviews - The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter and Revise us Again by Frank voila!

The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter is about putting on the character of Christ.

Do you ever go to a fitting room and try something on only for it to not fit? Well that’s what many people think of when it comes to Christ. They think that they don't fit into it. That they can't be chosen, cannot forgive or have peace, kindness, humility, compassion, patience or joy.

But the truth is that you can! Minter shares some tips and stories on the subject. It may be difficult but at the same time it's very simple. No relationship is ultimately easy. So, of course it isn't going to be any easier in your relationship with Christ. Yes we stumble, but as you read Minter's words you'll start to see some things in a much different light. She insightfully shares situations from her own life in a well-balanced mix of humor and seriousness.

I really enjoyed this book and though I couldn't relate to all the stories in Minter's life, the message she sends made a lot of sense in the context of her experiences. This is one of those books that you'll want to keep on the shelf and read multiple times throughout your life. Oftentimes when browsing books I let the cover catch my eye, and this one did. And it sure did live up to expectations – very intriguing and just a great read.

This is also the newest selection for the Bloom Book Club which is being hosted on the website now!

Revise Us by Frank Viola is a book about rethinking Christianity from the bottom up. The title makes you think of the popular phrase “revive us” but with a spin: it's a prayer to change us and the way that we approach God, the world and our faith.

This is not only a book. It's a journey, and an invitation to have your mind turned upside-down and inside-out as you explore (and get some great refreshers on) what the heart of faith in God is really all about. This is not your normal, run-of-the-mill call to revolution or moral stand.Viola's book helps you see through new eyes.

Whether it's the call to unity, or God's view of the body of Christ, or some amusing points about how ridiculous we as Christians can sometimes be, there's tons of insight to be found and a practical starting point for how to approach things differently. I especially liked some of the parts about how extreme the Charismatic side of things can become and how people who claim to be speaking for God can actually just be speaking for themselves.

There's something here for everyone, whether you sometimes wonder where God is in the middle of your pain and separation, or how to get a better understanding of how God talks through his people, or a punch in the gut about how easy it is to be a hypocrite. At the end Viola reminds us of just how big our God is and how Christ isn't found in just one church but through all believers. And that when we're born again it's our true nature to be like Him since we have Him inside of us.

I recommend this for every Christian who is struggling with their faith or needs some devotional or instructional material, or basically everyone. You're bound to find something to add to your faith within the covers of this book.

Find it at your local bookstore.

Friday, June 10, 2011

oh the good old smokers cough.

Well in the last couple of weeks I have helped a friend move. And have been sick for over a week. Have this horrible hacking cough. The worst day was on Sunday when I hurt everywhere and coughing was a horrible pain everywhere in my body. It is for sure not fun. It has pretty much wiped me out.

Tuesday was super exhausting. Well the boy and I have been kinda on edge with each other, its mostly because we don't have a lot of time with each other and this season of life just plain sucks. Anyway back to Tuesday. I normally watch kids for the womens bible study. And I usually watch 6-9 kids. Most of them are 2-3 a few older ones. Like 4-5 but yeah anyway so that couple of hours totally wiped me out. Then later the boy and I were gonna go watch 4 kids from church. Wow that was even more exhausting haha. Putting them to bed was a challenge. It was good I had the boy there but it was bad cause he has never watched kids in that setting before. So we were kinda chaotic. Plus the fact that the family is fixing up their house to sell and all the kids were in the same bedroom. So that made it so they screamed at each other. Then one of the kids asked me for a clock so they could tell when it was morning time. Haha I was like uhhh wow. So they pretty much tried everything to not sleep. I wanted them to sleep because I wanted to eat. And I knew when we ate something that the kids would want it too. And I was not dealing with that! Eventually they fell asleep and the parents came home, then we ended up talking with them for awhile.

Other than that um the boy and I had a good talk the other day. We are better mostly. But still its just hard not having much time. We'll get through it. I need to read a whole lot of books. I'm super behind in reviews. But at the same time i'm so grateful that people do send me books for free. Its so cool. I am still in awe about it sometimes. Then I look at my huge pile of books and I kinda freak out haha. Well what can you do.

I think this is super awkward. A lot of my “friends” are mothers with multiple kids. It makes it super awkward its like its hard for me to get in the circle cause all the others moms are always first since they have kids and playdates and all. Its just really weird. But then again I just try to spend a lot of the time with the boy anyways. But still its just such a weird situation. Well i'm off to read and get something eat. Hopefully not cough my head off. That would be nice for once.