Saturday, April 30, 2011

so exhausted

I haven't had much energy to write in here lately. I am spent. I still am sick now I have that icky smokers cough. Ugh this isn't fun. Plus everything is just super crazy and stressful around here.

Hoping the boy gets a job soon. Cause money is running out and thats seriously freaking me out.

I need to read a lot more books soon. Right now I have to go cook soup. I am just really exhausted from being sick. But at least i'm reading great books. I just finished a heart divided by kathleen morgan and now i'm started on leaving by Karen Kingsbury. Reviews to come later on those! But remember my examiner page over there on the side. Check that out and subscribe to my reviews!

I dunno what else to say really. I mean to type up some long thing but I am just so exhausted I don't know whats what anymore. So pathetic. Maybe later when I can think clearly I will talk some more about things.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Review - A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter

Abigail is a workaholic always on the search for the next story. She works for her mother's magazine. But when she is starting to have some health concerns, her mom thinks it's time for her to have a break.

So Abigail is sent off to Moose Creek, Montana for the summer. She has a great aunt down there who her mom is very worried about. So basically she is sent there to check up on her aunt and get rest in the process. And while she is there, Abigail does start to calm down and meets a few people. It's more peaceful then her hectic Chicago life. And it's there that she starts to seek out God more.

But she didn't really think that while in Moose Creek a nanny job would suddenly fall into her lap. She began to watch a little girl whose father was a widower and at times was super grouchy. He has a whole other story that is somewhat baffling too which the reporter in Abigail seeks to find out.

But while she was living in the house and taking care of the girl, she found much more than just a job. The rancher (the girl's father) wasn't who she expected. And she definitely didn't expect to melt under his touch... but will they fall in love? Only time will tell the stories of the people in this book.

Not having read any books by this author, it was tough to know what to expect. But boy oh boy, was this a great novel. It only left me wanting more, wishing there was another chapter or two. Denise does a great job with her writing and makes you really feel like you're there in the story. And the descriptions of the characters painted such an amazing picture. It could easily be made into a movie.

That said, please do check out A Cowboy’s Touch published by Thomas Nelson. Search for it at your local bookstore!

Thank you to B&B for providing me with this book for review, it didn't affect my thoughts about the book.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Review - Meet Mrs. Smith by Anna Smith

Does anyone ever wonder what the wife of a famous lead singer does? This book gives you a huge glimpse into what Anna Smith, the wife of Martin Smith, frontman for Delirious? does. And boy is she an amusing and amazing person. Basically this is a book that chronicles what has gone on in their lives from the time they were just starting to date to when they married and grew their family.

It is a really enjoyable read. Through the happiness and the heartache you truly learn what goes on with the wife of a band member - all the stress, the worry, and the cross country trips. It is really amazing what wives and the kids deal with when their husband/father is gone on tour.

They also open their home to tons of people at any given moment, which goes from being a hangout to a shelter for someone who was needing some support, all throughout their marriage, having 6 kids and then the general every day life things. And as if that weren't enough, they started a charity organization called CompassionArt along with other songwriters participating in the project. But with such a busy life, they still always had their eyes on each other and looked at what was best for their family.

Reading this was super enjoyable for me. This made a great transition back to non-fiction on a rainy Seattle day. Speaking of which, it was especially nice to read that while visiting the U.S. one of Anna Smith's favorite tour cities was Seattle. Does a native proud!

This book was hard to put down and reading it in two days made it really rewarding.

thanks to B&B for providing this book for me to review. that had no affect on my thoughts.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review - Delirious by Martin Smith

Christian band Delirious? rocked the world and changed lives for 17 years, producing 15 albums and 22 singles in the process, much of which was played here on Seattle radio stations. This is the story of what went on behind the scenes and Martin Smith's life from childhood to life with his own family.

Delirious by Martin Smith spills his heart right from the get-go in this book. He talks not only about living as a Christian even in the other cultures that he toured through, but living a life of compassion and how he worked out all of that (including the touring) with his family life. Through all the ups and the downs, they stuck together and they learned that their family was bigger than just flesh and blood relations.

Martin tells of their trials throughout the recording industry. He touches on struggles he faced while being out for months at a time. Missing time throughout his childrens' lives while being on tour was one downside. But at the same time I'm sure he wouldn't have traded those experiences, some of which changed his life. One of which was an encounter with a lovely little girl in India whose situation stirred his heart at a deep level. This led to starting a charity, CompassionART, with his wife. Through it they helped to stop human trafficking.

But all through their whole life as a band, they had their families, and the now combined family they have formed with all the band members.

This is a great book to go along with his wife's more light-hearted and funnier Meet Mrs. Smith. Martin's book is intense with a lot of depth to it. Not only is it an autobiography but also his story of the band and his experiences with it. A must read for any Delirious? fan or just anyone in general, especially Christians who enjoy being both challenged and inspired.

thank you to B&B for sending me a copy of this for review.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

what a stupid week.

Whew what a week. This week has been hectic and stupid all at the same time. There has been crap that has been going on. But yeah I’ll get to that in a second.

Since the last time I have gotten stuff from the postman! So that’s exciting. I am excited for what he will bring this week. That’s just such an exciting thing. Weird I know.

So I came down with a kinda bad cold the other day, so that REALLY sucked. I now have gotten through the night totally for once in the last few days. So that made me pretty happy. But I’m super exhausted anyways after getting up at the buttcrack of dawn for childrens ministry.

Friday my mom had a scare, she passed out while at the doctor after a blood draw and had to be transported to the hospital. And was there for a lot of testing since she was throwing up and had a hard time getting stable. It was so crazy. But shes just really tired so I think that’s what it was, just really tired and them taking too much blood at once. It was really stressful though. I had to go find out how to get her car. Luckily the boys roommate Alex is amazing and he took me down to get moms car. And he wouldn't let me pay him for gas either. Hes an amazing guy.

After that though I felt increasingly more horrible like my eyes were bulging and I felt like I had a fever. I just went to get stuff at the store like meds and drinks. But I haven't had much of an appetite the last few days. Kinda weird but food just isn't appealing at all.

Things with the boy aren't as good as they could be. I mean we are fine but just have normal things to work through I guess. More communication which is always good but this week has just been pretty rough.

Last week we went out to take pictures and that went good I got some really good ones. And then we went out to dinner at our friend janni and pauls house. We were there LATE. And before that after we took pictures we mowed the lawn it was so long. But we all did it as a surprise for my parents when they got home and boy were they surprised it was a huge success that’s for sure. But that whole thing was exhausting. And hard on the allergies.

Other than that I don't think anything else is going on. I do miss some people but I am excited about all my new followers on my blog and hope I’ll get to have some good blog friends now.

Easter is next week should be interesting. I am unsure of how that will go. Especially with my family being the way it is. My granny isn't really making any effort to spend time with us at all. We are gonna go see the tulip festival and she won't come cause she is taking care of too many dogs. Its always her excuse. She will always take care of dogs and not spend time with her family. Its really sad and infuriating. But its always the way it has been and probably always will be. What can you do right?

pictures to come later!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The other night I was thinking about engagements...

Why people get pictures and spend so much money on all of that stuff. Why would someone do that?

I dunno I guess the thought of engagement pictures is nice and all. But at the same point I don't see the point.

Just like I think it is almost better to just elope than have a huge hoopla. I'm not a fan of hoopla. To me I would think that just a plain dress you get at pennys would be fine instead of a super expensive wedding dress.

I don't think doing the whole church wedding is for me either, I would like doing it a park, a small wedding and then maybe a potluck BBQ after. I'm just so weird. I guess its cause I’m not mushy and I’m a super cheap person.

I'm probably not the most traditional person, but I guess that isn't what matters. What matters is how the boy and I want to do things eventually.

Last night we were watching parenthood on demand. And the girls on the show were all hyped about going to prom. I was home schooled I never had a prom. I did have opportunities to go to dances. But I didn't want all the hype. All the stupid frilly dresses I didn't have money for. It just didn't matter to me. My mom never was into it either. And the boy he wasn't into it either. It just all seems so pointless.

I guess its all like traditions. But I like to make my own traditions. Its not about just going with what everyone else has done. Its about doing things how you want, the way you see it. Its better I think that way. More individualized I feel is much better.

Monday, April 11, 2011

do you know about

Do you know about I have been writing for them for a few months.

Basically its a news site, you can write about everything from crafts, to music, to news and religion. The best part is you get paid for it!

What you do is go to the link to sign up and then pick a topic and apply to be an examiner. Its really fun for me cause I have another outlet to get book reviews out there.

If you are interested sign up with this link and please subscribe to my column!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review - The Nile by Kenny Blair

The River Nile by Kenny Blair is a pretty short book at only 98 pages.

This book has everything from drama to suspense and surprise all in one. It follows Sister Maria, a doctor from Guatemala who has worked to care for people for charity. Having been an orphan she could totally relate to those in the same position and responded when called upon.

Then there was Julie, who was adopted when she was three years old. She is doing an article for her school about the orphanage where she was adopted from. While researching she finds some info that she thinks needs to be looked into further. The gist of the story is about the sacredness of life and explores pro-life views. There isn't a whole lot to say about it since it's so short. It was alright overall. It can be confusing since there isn't as much backstory as one could wish for. But it wasn't too terrible.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

note to self

do not, not take your pills. you will feel like crap! and super exhausted all over again.

nothing very exciting is going on, getting some good quality time with the boy in. i am reading amazing books. i'm SO excited about the upcoming reviews, but i do have new reviews on my examiner column. check it out on the side bar or right here

i am still going through the blog party list! so i'm finding and bookmarking blogs, will comment on them later. so hopefully i have new friends from this!

and then i would like some comments! its so distressing to have no one comment at all.

i am hoping that  a new nanny gig will present itself and then things will be good. aslo praying for the boy to get a job soon. the unemployment ran out. so we're just hoping and praying he gets a job.

i am hoping that the post man brings me my books and also the ups man too! i've been waiting and waiting! soon the fed ex man will bring me some too! i have a huge list of ones i'm waiting for. it should be exciting.

on thursday or friday i'm heading out to take pictures with my dslr i hope i get some great ones cause then i will share. i am excited for spring and summer (if it isn't too hot) because i get to use my camera and take great pictures! i am still learning it cause by the time i got it, it was fall and then it was crazy gross outside so i couldn't go take pictures. hopefully i'll get the hang of it.

i suppose that is all i have to say for now! talk to you laters!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review - My Lady by Joyce Wheeler

In the wide open air we meet Jolene O'Neil. When she is first introduced she had been through the horrible season of life where her parents had passed in an accident. She has some awesome family but her grandmother kind of always rubs her the wrong way. She lives with a family and goes to school. Until she graduates high school.

In the next phase of her life she meets John Harris he is in the air force she is going to marry him and she does. Though not without some doubts from some people around her. One in particular Dexter DeLange. He is the uncle of the girl she lives or lived with. He had also had a sort of relationship with Jolenes mother at one point. Yes he is 30 years older than Jolene. Crazy right?

Now Dexter was a hard man to read. He lived in Denver and he owned and operated a hair salon among other things he did. He always wanted Jolene to model. He seemed to be obsessed with her.
This tale has so many twists and turns and you won't even guess what happens next. I sure didn't it was so baffling at times. It sure has many twists that one wouldn't expect. There were some minor typos that were found but other than that it was a great read.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gear up for the Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

is everyone ready for the party? i am! it was such a fun thing last year. if you don't know what it is, this is a big list of tons of blogs and we all visit each other. some people find long lasting friends through this. you can win prizes and what not. but really its just fun to look at everyones blogs and participate in this party!

you can visit the site click the button above and there you go!

a little about me and my blog, i am amy and i live in seattle washington, i love to read and so a lot of my blog lately is book reviews. but i also have a column on click my link on the side to look and subscribe! i put a lot of reviews on there too! some i only post on that site.

other than that i blog a lot about life and fun things i do with the boy. he also has a blog not very updated though. and we go out take pictures and just do fun stuff. we both share a love of books/reading. so thats always fun. but other than that i am just me and i am enjoying life! so thats a little about me, take a look around and stay awhile! subscribe to my blog and my examiner column! enjoy! and don't be a stranger!