Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i'm just blah.

Well the boy and I are still working on the layout for my blog it is getting there though. Its not up obviously but it should be soonish.

This past weekend we were working on organizing/getting rid of stuff in his room. And cleaning a lot. We made a lot of headway which was good. And I found an amazing oak bookcase and we got that one. Then we got another bookcase but I don't really like that one its mostly a cheap one. So that helped but we only have a few more things to do in his room until its completely done, organized and clean. Which is good cause his brother comes a week from thursday! So saturday we will finish up everything else. But I have to work on my room. Maybe today i'll get to it.

Sunday the boy and I went and got hair cuts I got a bunch chopped off. And I was really liking it until yesterday when I really stopped and looked at it. I realized that its so jacked up as in not even like anywhere. Even one side is longer than the other! So i'm not going to that place ever again and my mom will fix it up today but geez thats annoying. I'm totally sad about it and anxious about it getting too short.. but i'm sure it will be fine. I just am mostly annoyed about it in general. But it will be fixed today. I had to fix my bangs yesterday they were soooo uneven.

I'm blah about it.

Well i'm still sorta sick but yesterday I worked out a little. Today im tired probably cause I got woken up and couldn't go back to sleep.

I'm excited for the boys brother to come it will be fun. And then we may bake/decorate cookies with my cousin and her boys. So that should be good too and and all throughout its birthday week! But during birthday week I have to go get a blood test. Hopefully my levels wont' be super horrible. I just started taking all my pills consistently again. I'm sorta nervous that my levels won't be to where they should cause I haven't been doing my pills consistently but I guess i'll just deal with it when it is here. And hope it won't cost an arm and a leg. Blah.

Well I suppose I better go and clean up and try to read these books I have to read. I have to read these three books by feb 22nd. Ack! I hope I can get it done. I'm almost done with one then I have two left. Then I get to choose another off my review pile. And if you aren't following my reviews on examiner.com you should! I have gotten a few up lately. Check it out and subscribe!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog friends

Its such a great thing to have friends that blog or ones you “meet” while following their blogs. But man is it tough to build relationships.

Maybe its just me and my social awkwardness. But I have no idea where to begin. Which is funny but really sad at the same time. Its like you forget how to interact in any way possible.

Hopefully at some point that won't be an issue. Does anyone else feel like this? I just can't even fathom how to start to be an online friend anymore. I used to do chat rooms/instant messages when I was a teenager but now its like uh how do I even do this?

Such a weird issue.

Another thing I am not sure about is no-reply bloggers. When I get comments in my emails I can't reply back to some of them because it has it set as a no reply. Which is a huge bummer cause some things i'd love to say back to a person. So people out there fix that! So I can reply back to you!

Blog layouts well I love mine but its a template and recently I saw that someone else had the same one. So that kinda bummed me out. But i'm also excited cause the boy knows html! And he and I are gonna work on a new layout for my blog. Yay! I don't know what to even do though. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

I'm not sure I even want to start to tackle that. Considering the day i've had today so far has been not so amazing. But we'll see what the rest of the day brings.

Monday, January 21, 2013

the internet is funny

I suppose I have a lot on my mind. So here are my thoughts on a few various things.

First, today I saw a status on someones facebook page. I don't know this person but this person seems to like to get mad for the sake of being mad I guess. I go to mars hill church in Seattle, mark driscoll is the pastor and he gets a lot of flack for a lot of things. Most of which are taken out of context. But this is just funny. First i'll touch on this one that relates to facebook. So this person posted this:

Sounds like Jesus. Sure glad this guy influences a large number of people. - facebook friend

Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know. - Mark Driscoll quote from today which she shared onto her page.

This makes me laugh because for one thing everyone acts like if you go to his church you do everything he says. But uh that’s not true and for one thing hes not Jesus. But that doesn't mean you going to that church that he pastors means you have to believe or follow everything that the pastor says. That’s just stupid and I don't know why people think that. But I guess that’s another issue. But honestly what he said wasn't even bad. Everyone acts like if he says something without thinking about it first (which come on everyone does multiple times in their lives) that hes just some horrible person. Um hes a human! Like everyone else in this world. Being a pastor doesn't make you perfect but he never claims to be either. I just think its wrong when people say the same off the cuff things sometimes and they don't get blasted for it either like cause they say it, means its still okay? I dunno its just annoying I guess. But what he said today was actually pretty funny. Its not horrible.

If the president believed in the bible he wouldn't think abortion or gay marriage were okay. And plenty of other things.

Another thing that bugs me is the local news did a story on mars hill last week. Pretty much blasting them for how they put it “not allowing gays in our church” that doesn't mean they can't come to the church it means biblically they can not be members of the church. Cause that’s a sin. Its not rocket science people! Geez.

Another thing I find hilarious is this video I saw on the internet about california complaining about the cold weather. It made me laugh. They make a huge deal about Seattle last year with our cold/ice/snow stuff. But we have a lot of hills and that doesn't work so well with ice... but anyway funny stuff.

next thing I need to talk about is last week I had put the cans out for garbage/yard waste/recycle day. The next day I went to bring the cans in. and I found something not so great in my garbage can. I hate when people do this. But they stuck their baggie of dog poop in my garbage can! I get that its on the street. But keep your own dang dog poop for your own garbage can. Seriously people!

Anyways now i'll talk about whats going on with me haha. After all of that rage. I seem to be sick but I don't really have a runny nose i'm just tired and my voice is all crazy. Its sorta scratchy/raspy which is always funny. We've been working on cleaning the boys room for his brothers visit. Most of the problem is organization but we got a lot of stuff out of there paper wise so its getting a lot better. But still more work to be done for that. His brother annoys me with the lack of communication about the trip thing. I need plans and stuff especially since i'm the one with a car.

His girlfriend/not girlfriend anymore avoided us at church yesterday that was a tiny bit awkward. I'm too tired to care.

I need to muster up some sort of energy to go do what I need to do. But i'm not sure that will happen. So I should just go do my reading which I need to get done asap.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Review: Waiting for Spring by Amanda Cabot

After the loss of her husband and the birth of her baby, Charlotte has had a long, hard year. But when a notorious robber believes she knows the location of a long-lost treasure, she flees to Cheyenne and opens a dressmaker's shop to lie low and make a living. When wealthy cattle baron and political hopeful Barrett Landry enters the shop to visit her best customer, Charlotte feels drawn to him.

If Barrett is to be a senator of the soon-to-be state of Wyoming, he must make a sensible match, and Miriam has all the right connections. Yet he can't shake the feeling that Charlotte holds the key to his heart and his future.

Soon the past comes to call, and Barrett's plans crumble around him. Will Charlotte and Barrett find the courage to look love in the face? Or will their fears blot out any chance for happiness?”

“Waiting for Spring” is the newest novel in the “Westward Winds” series written by Amanda Cabot. I was previously introduced to Amanda Cabot with the release of “Christmas Roses” and I enjoyed that so much that I jumped at the chance for reviewing a new one written by her. I didn't realize that it was in a series and I dislike reading books out of order even if they aren't related necessarily. So that fact really bothered me, but I pressed on anyway. The writing was pretty fair, but I just couldn't personally connect with the story as much as I would have liked, though Charlotte’s courage and strength in raising a blind kid is very inspiring in the midst of it all. If you like historical fiction in the setting of the old west, then you may enjoy this particular novel.

Available January 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Thank you to Revell for providing this copy for me in exchange for a review. i wasn't compensated in anyway.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So today i'm going to rant again.

These are my thoughts.

I heard macklemore for the first time today. And honestly I just don't get it. I guess its not for everyone. But really? Its just so weird and wrong and I dunno. Not my favorite music ever.

The other day the boy and I went out to lunch at our favorite mexican place. Usually there is great service and stuff. That day not so much. Our waitress basically never came back. There were other ladies that would refill our water and get us what we needed. But our waitress was like yacking away ignoring her tables. We waited and waited and we had to ASK for our check. Like seriously we waited at least 10 minutes before we even asked for it. And then she gave us the wrong check. It was really weird. Also haha one of the peppers had a sticker on it still. I didn't want to say anything but man service sucked.

Today we went to watch kids for a bible study group. We've watched all of these kids mulitple times at church and when we watched for the bible study before they split into two groups. One of the boys is so funny he seriously talks so loud. Like think of when you are talking to an older person who has a hearing aid that doesn't work. Thats how loud he was talking. It kinda made me think I was going gonna go deaf from him yelling all the time. They are funny though. The boys kept saying parts of the movie were scary. Then the next second. They were all “THATS SO COOL” 4 year old boys are silly. And the movie was finding nemo hahah go figure.

I've been watching everybody loves raymond on netflix and man is it hilarious sometimes.

I finally got around to hemming some pants. Its so horrible pinning it takes so long and sometimes it just hurts. But I finally got it all done so I feel good. And I got it all right on the first try of sewing it. So that was a bonus.

Hoping tomorrow I get more of my book reading done since i'm behind in reviews. But all these books I attempt to read I don't like. It seems impossible. But I guess I can't like every book I have. Anyways til next time!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

im a spaz...

so the other night i was laying in bed on my phone. well i dropped my phone.....on my face. my lip specifically and then it bled. so stupid. but those kind of weird things happen to me. It is sorta funny though.

Another thing that amuses me is this. So a ton of people dont care about football right? But the minute that your states football team is in the playoffs suddenly there is double the amount of fans. Sometimes that gets on my nerves. But it is crazy to see the church so empty because its game day.

Not that im any better cause I am blogging during the sermon. It could be worse.

I signed up for a valentines day swap on a blog called rags to stitches and im super excited about it. Ive never done anything like that before.

I also got a box from influenster yesterday that post will be coming soon. If you want an invite let me know. I have a few more invites left.

Im hoping I get my new review books in the mail this week cause im just super excited about them all. And hopefully I will be out of my reading slump and my examiner column will be updated a lot more frequently.

And now I will get back to working out regularly since my sickness is gone. We are also preparing for a visit from the boys brother next month. A bunch of exciting things.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catch up!

Oh goodness. I just didn't get a chance to write about christmas, new years or that christmas party. Here we go with a catch up post. The christmas party: so I got that dress and had my whole outfit done. It was pretty hilarious to go to the space needle for some crazy event and bring my junker of a car to valet parking. And it was pretty there but man that party was boring and most of the food wasn't even good at all. It was pretty depressing honestly. We left after the raffle. But we went up to the top of the space needle first. It was WAY cold and I was outside for less than a minute. It was just so windy and cold and dark. So it was pointless. So then we went back to my house and watched tv and ate haha. It was pretty sad. We were home by about 8:30... most of the people there were kind of obnoxious and then they were drinking SO much alcohol it was so crazy to me. So I was glad to be home. The boy wasn't having fun either. Christmas: oh boy was that full of drama. My granny is nuts! My cousin had set it up where we would go to grandmas and make cookies with her boys. Either my grandma wasn't listening when she agreed or shes just going senile. But a few days later when my mom mentioned it grandma flipped her lid. So that didn't happen. Then all this other drama about my cousin and how she only wants money and other crap. Which isn't true since she told grandma to give her nothing and to not do it in front of her. My grandma though seems to hear what she wants to hear and tries to spin it her way. Or she just complains and makes huge deals about everything. So there was that we did go for sandwiches and dessert though which was sorta painful in itself. I was bracing myself the entire time, hoping that she wouldn't flip out. But she had to say her crap after my cousin left. Then she made a huge deal about how my cousin got what she wanted, Christmas eve. Since we didn't have anything on Christmas eve. Cause grandma flipped and said nothing was happening no one was getting together. Then she was spewing crap about how my cousin stole it. Well uh my family didn't go anywhere we weren't invited anywhere. Grandma said there was nothing going on and my cousin has her own family with her mom and her brothers so of course they would go there since grandma specifically said there was no christmas eve gathering. Then she had to blow everything out of proportion yet again and make the huge deal about it all over and how next year she isn't doing anything christmasy at all. No presents or decorating. Shes such a drama queen. She drives me nuts! For my immediate family we made a ham and had roasted potatoes and it was a good dinner. In the morning we went out to see the hobbit which was good then we cooked the dinner and while that was cooking we did the presents. So that was good. It was pretty enjoyable. New years: nothing really went on that day. We hung out , we originally had plans with friends. But they got sick. So nothing happened. Other than that, I got sick with this weird virus thing, my throat was swollen and had white stuff all in the back of my throat it was nasty. And I still have the exhaustion part of the virus. Well and the throat is hurting again cause I wasn't smart and didn't disinfect my toothbrush and my retainer. What an idiot. But anyways. Right now the boy and I are really into crafting. We went to joanns and got a bunch of cross stitching stuff. We are into that right now. I got him into it and its pretty fun. Cause now we are gonna work on making patterns. I can't envision it but he can so that is good. We are also into thrifting. We hit the motherload the other day with books, found some shell silverstein books and a mint condition set of LOTR and Hobbit. And i finally found a pattern that wasn't ugly, not chipped piece of pyrex! i screamed! cause i was so excited. But i also took it out of the bins they have when they are putting things out. I contemplated for a minute then i just took it when no one was around. Then i went to show the boy and i was all spazzing out. It was a happy moment. Other than that we are trying to communicate more and work hard on our relationship which is tough. I'm sorta in a reading slump but I gotta get cracking with that cause of reviews that need to be done. And now the boys brother is coming next month during my birthday. There is already drama with that but its not my drama to get into. He had a girlfriend here. But I guess they are no more. And I really don't know the issues. I just know that the boys parents drive me insane. They are so offensive and it makes me wonder what they say about me behind my back with all of their religious cultness. Ugh. Hopefully out of all of this we can talk to the boys brother a lot more since we don't talk to him at all. And i'm excited for all these new followers. I gotta get back into blogging for sure!