Friday, January 28, 2011

tooo much time on my hands

i just have too much time to worry, and too much time doing nothing. i am so sad cause i lost that one nanny job. its totally like i'm in mourning or something. i really do miss those toddler cuddles. its really heartbreaking for me. but i'll move on. i'm just trying to find a new nanny gig. hoping i will get one soon. i gotta write some stuff though.

money is freaking me out too. i think everything is freaking me out. but i am just worried about my blood test bill. i don't know how much it will be and its totally rawrish. but anyway. my test results are finally good so i'm at a good place iron and thyroid wise which is crazy! i almost don't believe it.

things are going good in the book review area. i'm excited about some of the reviews i'll be doing soon. its amazing. i love how things like that work out. also check out my examiner page for reviews!.

anyway i need to get back on the craft train but i got burnt out over that during Christmas. oi. but anyways that's the deal right now. until next time!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Take Three by Karen Kingsbury

Next up on the review train is Take Three by Karen Kingsbury!

She has to be my most favorite author ever. Especially since she was stumbled upon by picking up random books at the library. Seriously her books are so amazing. This is the 3rd in a series that had originally started as the Baxter series. If you haven't read any of those. I would totally recommend starting from the beginning. They are seriously amazing. You won't regret it at all. Karen has this way of making you feel like you are right there in the mix of it all. Its great.

So Take three continues the stories of Bailey Flannigan and Cody Coleman. But is also equally centered on Dayne Matthews who is the long lost brother of the Baxter kids. There is a lot of info when you don't read from the beginning. But Karen writes in the details so you aren't totally lost when you start reading a different series. Moving right long. This series is about movie making. Dayne was an actor. As are some of the other characters in the book.

This one mainly follows the end of a movie that had been made by Chase and Keith. They have a mission to see their films show Jesus to everyone. Now that’s finally panning out. But Chase is at a weird point in his life at that time. And then God sure had some different plans when it came to Chase. You'll find out when you read the book though. I wont tell you exactly what plans they were. That'd ruin the book for you!

During that change. Dayne has joined Keith with the movie making. Being an actor that was something he felt called to help with since he knew the business. But during this time of transition, Keith and his wife Lisa were having a transition of their own. Things with their daughter Andi had gone downhill. Was she depressed? Or was something else super serious going on with her?

There is so much in this book you won't ever get bored. And you may shed a tear. It is so awesome. Karen Kingsbury has such a great writing style. I just love it. Definitely pick this one up you won't regret it. But read the ones before it too! Amazing novels for sure.

Thank you to Zondervan for providing me with this book. I received this in exchange for my review. I wasn't compensated in any way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sometimes i just don't know what to think. which is probably good cause i could have some really mean thoughts. i have so much going on, but at the same time its so little. i guess compared to other people i have it pretty good. but that doesn't mean its totally good for me.

i'm tired of some people who are so dramatic like they need it in their lives to function. thats CRAZY. i'm gonna be sorta all over the place with this. thats just cause its how life is right now. its super crazy and i almost can't keep up.

one thing i am grateful for, is that when the boy and i fight in all reality it isn't that bad. we don't have super bad fights. we still can say i love you even if we're super frustrated. so for that i feel really blessed. it is not normal to have what we have. most people never get to that point of friendship as us. its such a great thing to be in a relationship with my very best friend. in the end the fights are meaningless and they will pass. which is good. its just a time of transition.

and to be honest i'm not fond of transition at all haha. i'm so sick of it. its part of life i know but its like a constant thing lately. there isn't even any time to get used to the last thing before another thing comes along. it will all get better.

i am just hoping i will get another nanny job soon. or figure out what i'm doing.

thankfully i have gotten a lot of books for review so i'm excited about that. i just need something to work right soon.

another kinda scary thing is. i am indeed flying to PA in march to visit with the boys family. his parents (who i've already seen/met), his brother, aunts and their families. it should be interesting. we have a late flight and i don't know i'm kinda nervous but i really don't like planes either. haha. but i'm such a quiet person in general. i don't know its just gonna be crazy. i've been looking up the TSAs rules for things to put in carry-ons. its so crazy. i'm only looking up this stuff cause i'm a last minute packer. i uh have been known to pack 2 hours before leaving.... if that. so i had to make lists now and look up this stuff. even though this is in march. hahaha i'm so crazy.

speaking of family. i just don't know why my extended family is so hung up on all things possession wise. its so annoying. its just so sad to me because its not how i am. but its how my grandma is. and its like a status symbol. i don't understand it. i also don't understand why everything to her is about dogs and possessions. oh and my cousin who holds the family name. its like no one else matters. it just really bugs me. but i guess there isn't anything i can do. its all i've ever known. its probably all i will ever know.

things will look up.  i gotta go and write some reviews now. til later friends!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


well blog is just you and me right now. and honestly thats pretty sad. yesterday was pretty crappy a sort of fight with the boy i'm sick of it happening but i guess its just something that does. i think we understand each other better now but still. i'm mentally exhausted from it.

there was talk about going to see his family but i dunno i just don't know on one hand that is really scary but its important to him. but i dunno this week has sorta sucked. i kinda lost one of my nanny jobs. because they decided to put her into preschool. *sigh* i dunno i'm just so stressed about money with both boys money and mine. its annoying.

i feel super alone right now. i had some very disturbing dreams and then i wake up and there is no one to talk to. which kinda is the story of my life. but sometimes i wish it would be different. i wish that a lot but it probably will never happen.

i guess i'll just have to go get lost in a book. which is what i like to do it at least helps me i guess it never solves any problems though.

i am sitting here skipping church watching the football game but i still feel super alone. the dog has to have surgery on Tuesday. i guess i'm just beaten down right now. i'm sick of transition periods. they seem to be happening far too often. i wanted this to be the year of change but not the year of transition. i don't like transitions. change i wanted for the boy and i to change and get closer and for him to get a job and all sorts of stuff.

man these people at this game sure look scary. i dunno why people paint their faces. its weird and i don't think i like it. i guess i'm just at a low point right now. i don't know what to do about it either. i feel like i have no where to. an obviously no one to talk to except this trusty blog of mine that i have neglected. good times good sunday... i guess thats all for now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar

 Unexpected Love (Seasons of Redemption, Book 3) 

Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar is the third book in the Seasons of Redemption series. All three of these books are amazing. The covers are beautiful and the stories fall together really nicely. Its great to have a series that incorporates new characters but still keeps the ones in the previous book in the story. Its really irksome to have a series book not even have the same characters at all so this is a great series.

Unexpected Love picks up where Uncertain Heart left off. It introduces Lorenna Fields, a nurse from Chicago. She is the caretaker of a mystery man. He was found by a ship in Lake Michigan

Renna was immediately involved in this patient.. She marks him as mysterious and starts getting her family to pray for him. He has amnesia and wasn't doing well at the start but does pull through. Just not remembering everything. Though slowly he remembers bits and pieces of his life. Renna calls him Mr. Blackeyes. He also lost his eyesight in the whole ordeal. At least for a time.

Renna builds a special relationship with this patient no matter how hard she would like to try. She can't pull away from him at all. She has her own insecurities. A birthmark is her main insecurity. She doesn't want anyone to see it. But also thinks it makes her uglier than anything. Will she learn to stop thinking like that? We may never know. l but you might know if read the book. Now this is all I can say without giving away the whole storyline. But trust me this one is a great one and you won't ever believe what happens next.

Waiting for the next one in the series will be tough but it will be much anticipated that is for sure! Please look for Andrea Boeshaars novels. They are amazing!

Hurricanes in Paradise by Denis Hildreth

Hurricanes in Paradise

Riley Sinclair is settling into her new job as the director of guest relations at a resort on paradise island. She is finally getting on track after things in her life have been so rough and crazy. Being in guest relations can be tough at times. And Riley has a super stressful job. She has to be there for everyone and anyone taking care of everything.

While taking care of a high maintenance author. There were also two ladies that were brought into the group. They somehow fell together in the same places most of their stay. But Riley was stretched to her limit with the author. But they all fell into friendships with each other that no one would have even imagined.

This has a lot of laughter, frustration, hurt, deceit and then throw in a hurricane and boy you have a party!

Not being familiar with this author I didn't really know what was expected. If it was going to be good or bad. But this was such a great book with so many twists and turns. It just never stopped getting intriguing. Too bad it had to end since it was such an awesome read. But Denise Hildreth had such a great method of putting a story out there. I can't wait to read more from her. Check out Denise' books at your local library or bookstore.