Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What a weekend!

Friday a friend and I surprised justin with dinner at famous daves. We had this planned for almost 2 weeks. He had no idea which is hilarious to me. I told him right when he got to my house that I had to go to joanns for something right then. So we left. I drove us to famous daves, had a table waiting since she was already there. And he was so confused then SO surprised. It was perfect. She bought our dinner cause that was the deal. She even forced us to order dessert. Haha she is sorta pushy when it comes to things.

Before that I realized i'm too fat to fit into any of my pants. So that was pretty depressing. So saturday we went to goodwill and st vincents to check out the pants situation. It was really dumb cause on thursday I went thrifting for sweaters I was gonna look for pants but I decided I wasn't into it. I should have though. Anyways, I did find two pairs one was kinda big/stretchy and the other would fit its just a little on the tight side though it wouldn't be that way if I put them on in the morning. So I got them I thought iw as gonna be spending 14 bucks and I was kinda like ugh this is annoying. Though better than spending 30 for a brand new pair. But the guy told me it was 7 something and I was like uh what? Haha it was great. Then I found another pair at goodwill for 6 bucks. But that one is on the tight side so I will have to save them for later.

So now i'm starting to get on the exercise train. I absolutely have to at this point. So I made a schedule and a online friend of mine is going to help keep me accountable and i'm doing the same for her. Haha we are both needing this bad. I am working on drinking as much water as I should daily which is about 13 cups is what I need to stay hydrated. And i'm going to be drinking green tea. I also need to eat more often I don't eat very much very often so thats another problem I have. But hopefully once I get going with this that weight will drop right off and I will be able to fit in my clothes again! That would be nice. I'd also like to not have this huge stomach anymore. I just need to keep with it.

Sunday we went to church, served in childrens ministry I love those munchkins they are so funny. Then we went out to bellevue and went thrifting again. The boy had found a really good pair of jeans for 10 bucks. That bellevue goodwill has some awesome stuff. I found so much pyrex stuff but I didn't get any I didn't like the colors. But I was just happy to find it haha. We found some books at the goodwill too. Then we went to target in factoria (still bellevue) and I did some exchanges. Then we went to the buffet for dinner it was good that day. Sometimes a lot of the food is hit or miss. But I got mostly winners with what I chose so that was good! Then we raced home to watch the amazing race we missed a few mins but thats alright.

Now I have to talk about duck dynasty. 

For one thing I wish I was part of their family for the sheer hilarity it all is. And I kinda wish that Si was my grandpa he is hilarious. We were watching an episode and they were blazing hot and then went to get snow cones. And there you have these gems (top and bottom):

And that is what I leave you with! if you haven't seen that show. You should check it out asap!

The League of Incredible Vegetables Review and Giveaway!

I was so excited to get the league of incredible vegetables for review. It was definitely one of the most anticipated dvds for me. And it was pure amazing. 

Here is the description:

“It was a bright and sunny day in Bumblyburg...until Dr. Flurry came to town.  This chillin' villain wants to freeze the whole city...in fear! It's a job to big for LarryBoy alone, so he turns to the "The League of Incredible Vegetables" to help save the town from Dr. Flurry's icy grip!  When it seems like they're all moments from the deep freeze, will the League remember to turn to One who is bigger than all our fears?  Includes a brand new theme song and music video from Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning group, The Newsboys!”
Lesson: Handling fear
Verse:  “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” Psalm 56:3

My thoughts:

I loved it, it didn't disappoint me at all. I love that they are touching on fear and how to handle it. And that they sorta tied it to the "wheres God when i'm scared" veggietales video. And since superheros are kinda big right now i felt like it was a really great move to make a dvd with them. it gives kids a better way to go about things when they watch this instead of a secular superhero show. They never cease to disappoint in the humor department too. I love that i can watch it by myself as an adult and still get something out of it with humor and with the lesson. And the theme song is super catchy also. Overall its just a great dvd.

Now for the best part! you can win a copy of the dvd! Just comment and leave your email and the winner will be drawn on November 9th!

Thanks to Big Idea for providing this dvd for review and a giveaway copy also!

This giveaway is for US residents only!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tenba Messenger Bag Review

These are camera bags but they are versatile in the fact that you can use them for anything. While browsing around for a camera bag I liked I stumbled upon Tenba. I was instantly in love. It was made with durable fabric and it wouldn't fall apart like some of those bags I do like but are so expensive. (basically the high end camera bags for women.)

Tenba makes three sizes of their messenger bags. There is a mini, small and large.

Besides the size of the small and large bags, there isn't much difference as far as features go. There are so many awesome features to these bags.

I'll start with the mini:

its a perfect size for not a lot of equipment. It can hold a few lenses, the DSLR body, it also has a section to put a 13 inch laptop in.. There are adjustable dividers, and a ton of pockets. The possibilities are endless with as far as pockets go. Its got a water repellant nylon, as well as super durable zippers and clips. The most genius feature I think is a zipper on the flap so you don't have to open up the bag to get your gear you just do the top zipper and reach in and boom there is your camera! Its crazy convenient.

Now the Small:

it has pretty much all of the above, it is bigger by a few inches and can fit a bigger laptop. But it also has a removable insert so you can just use it as a regular messenger bag.

These bags are just amazing, by far it is the best bag I have ever owned. I love them so much. The only bad thing I have to say about these are. The colors aren't totally accurate online/in person. The orange looks much brighter on the internet but its more of a brownish color. And the purple is much darker. I assume the other ones are darker also. Except the gray color is pretty much right on the money. As I was getting these for review, I had chosen orange for one but it just wasn't I imagined, Tenba has great customer service and was super accommodating as far as switching the bag out for a different color. I think the company as a whole is great and they have great quality bags. Definitely check them out you will not be sorry at all!

thank you to Tenba for providing these for review!

I'm frustrated.

So I was looking on a forum and saw this person wanted to get rid of beads. So I responded and I was talking to her but she never replied again then she totally gave it to someone else that replied WAY later then me. Thats just annoying.

Right now i'm trying to save up my survey money for a kindle. Its sorta going slowly but i'll get there considering I almost have enough. I just secretly hope I win one of those contests I entered to get a kindle that way! I was super against e-readers until I looked at one. Now not so bad!

I'm kinda of in craft mania right now. I am making that poncho I have a bunch of flowers to make and then tomorrow going to joanns to pick out fabric to make a dog bed slip cover for a lady from church. I love the craftiness.

I'm also super excited since its birthday month for the boy. We have tons of restaurant coupons. We've already used one. Then we have a bunch more to use so that means dates! Yay! Im excited to go to benihana and the buffet haha we love the buffet we're weird. Um I don't know what else is going on. Not much else. Everything in my room is a mess. So I should go clean that soon. I'm super behind in reading blogs again and reviews too. Meh. But i'm excited for the new followers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

oh boy..

haha this is just too amazing for words. and i sure love that duck dynasty show! ugh its SO hilarious. i watched the new episodes the other day and boy were they amazing. Si makes me laugh so hard i wish he was in my family. such a funny man. 

anyways i'm super behind on blogging and reading blogs. i need to write reviews i'm excited about whats coming up! 

i'm also super behind in watching shows its not even funny. but its been sorta crazy. right now i'm making a poncho for my neighbors baby. its gonna look like this: 

but at the same time it won't because its a much thinner yarn then this i'm about half through with it though so i'm excited to see how it turns out. i've never made anything like this before. i hope it turns out okay i'm sure it will. i've had to redo the pattern all over cause of the gauge of the yarn.

hmm the boy and i have really had barely any time even though hes over here hes either doing side jobs or homework its kinda annoying its just a season but it'll pass. 

i'm really proud of myself for how i've stayed on track with reading books i'm almost through reading all the christmas books i have for review. i am getting a few more in the mail but whew i'm almost at my yearly goal. i only have 8 books left to get there i think. so thats exciting. though that doesn't make the huge mountain of books i have any smaller.

i'm SO excited about all these new followers.

i'm also sucked into this:

i'm almost done with season two and now i will move onto season three. haha i kinda hate that i got sucked in. but partly i just love the accents not necessarily the storyline. i'm kinda weird like that. welp i guess thats all for now since i have to go and get stuff done.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

weird things always happen to us.

I am LOVING the new followers and comments thanks for all of it!

I'm just gonna talk about my weekend a little bit. Friday I got into this whole organization craze. Sometimes when I pms I get into that kind of mood. So I did that and got rid of a lot of stuff at goodwill. And while at goodwill I returned two books I got the other day because while at value village I got the same ones. It was this series for the boy and I didn't know the titles so I just grabbed and went. At VV they don't let you return so I just returned them to goodwill. No big deal. Then we watched the last disc in the season 8 of greys anatomy. I cried a lot. It was horrible. Stupid show. But at least we're caught up.

Saturday um I was drained from my crazy organization/cleaning frenzy and the boy and I were fighting. I don't really remember what else we did.

Sunday, more fighting with the boy and I. Um I did more crocheting. Was working on an infinity scarf. Then got yarn from my neighbor to make her little baby girl a poncho. Um we went out to dinner at the keg. It was glorious. Then we watched amazing race!

Also on sunday the boy and I went to do errands after dinner. And I have to say it was really weird. This guy came up to us in the target parking lot. He said he was homeless and he went through this whole story he asked if we liked gospel r&b and rap. He went over how he had an idea to sell cds cause he had an interview the next day and he needed to get a 100 dollars to get into his storage unit. And he really didn't give you a chance to get a word in. it was really weird. And because the boy can't ever say no he gave the guy 6 bucks. And the cd is weird. Haha I dunno how he would have an interview at aerospace and I don't get how he would make cds if he was homeless. But its whatever. Its done. He kept talking about how jesus would bless us and stuff like that which is nice and all but the story was weird. Haha. Only happens to us.

I'm SO excited cause duck dynasty is coming on tonight. There are no words for how much I love this show. Its just the best thing ever!

Again thank you all for following feel free to comment or email me I love it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tamrac Rally 6 Camera Bag Review

Today for review I have the Tamrac 3446 Rally 6 Camera Bag.

This is a messenger type bag for DSLR cameras and lenses. Sometimes its really difficult to find a quality camera bag that will last for years and years. Or even one that is big enough to hold all your gear without being too heavy. Personally I tend to be pretty picky on what I want in a bag. I love a messenger type bag when it comes to camera gear.

When I go out to take pictures I don't like to bring my purse, I just pack the essentials so I don't carry around two bags at once.

This is a very well made bag, the strap has a comfort grip on it which is always key. Some bags don't have that at all and it makes carrying around DSLR's a bit uncomfortable. A really great feature on the bag is the fact that it has pockets on the side for a water bottle. Thats really nice and you hardly see that at all. Or at least I don't. I love that this isn't just a plain black bag. The red stripe is just one that makes it pop. Its not so boring then plain black. It also has a zippered pocket which you can see when you open up the flap that is perfect for batteries etc.

There are some things I don't like about this bag. For one it doesn't fit all I would carry normally. But I could take out my small digital and there would be room. But I usually bring both my DSLR and my point and shoot. I also am not really fond of the dividers. It seems weird to me to have it sectioned off like it is in the picture on the website. And then I don't know how you'd access things if you had two different teirs of dividers. It just is super strange to me. The velcro and the way the dividers are makes it kind of difficult to move the sections with ease.

 It is a great bag i'd just need to downsize a bit of what I bring to fit in there. Which isn't nessicarily a problem.  

Thank you to Tamrac for providing this bag for me to review, I was not compensated in anyway and these are my own thoughts.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i have a story to tell. it may be the funniest/weirdest thing I've done. though I'm sure there are many more weird things i have done. but this one made me feel awkward.

 yesterday while my mom was walking home from the bus on the main street she said she saw a scrabble game and pieces strewn across the ground. she said she was just telling me to tell me. and i was like well what does that mean? shes like well just if you wanted them. i have been looking at goodwill awhile for scrabble games to make Christmas ornaments with the tiles. anyways onward to the rest of the story.

 we had to go to Costco i brought disposable gloves and a Ziploc bag just in case. cause i was afraid of what would be on the game. i thought that the stands would have been there too but i was not lucky. i have no idea how many tiles are there and I'm sure it looked really weird two ladies with blue disposable gloves on picking up stuff in the grass and putting it in a bag but it was kinda hilarious but embarrassing at the same time. it was free though!

 i need to wash them off ha ha but it was an adventure.