Thursday, March 12, 2009

thanks for the confidence in me mom.

i'm glad you think i can't drive very well and don't have fast reaction times so i suck. wooooo.

great times.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh how things change

so lots has happened.

since last time i posted i have reconciled with that friend. it wasn't as big of a deal as i thought but still. so yay!

and last week i had two no three God moments that was amazing i tell you. one was through justin that was great. and one was during the other church i sometimes go to after i got prayed for. and then others on my own.

i really feel convicted about not reading my bible. thats a huge thing for me i need to do it. and i went to bible study with my friends. so that was good.

but wednesday i got hit with a cold a really bad one. and on thursday i had a fever and went running around that was a bad idea cause it only made me worse. so i'm slowly on the mend but oi.

i did a lot of hanging out with people that was good cause usually i'm super shy and super anti-social so i'm starting to get out of my box and i love it really. cause i love my friends. thank the lord for that. seriously.

another thing is well i had this friend and we had been best freinds for 7-8 yearsish and then we had a falling out to say the least we didn't talk for awhile. like over a year and a halfish. and started talking again few months ago but still have had some rough moments. well hes in town now.

and i saw him today it was a little awkward at first but it was great. honestly even though it wasn't very long it was great. the hugs and we had to hold hands during the service for a thing. and i got a squeezy hand thing and it was good but then hand holding lingered and i was awkward so i let go hahhaha i'm so effing weird. but thats how it is hopefully we will hang out tomorrow but i have missed him so much.

wheeee hopefully i'll do a bunch of hanging out with nat this week we want to hang out and i love her to death seriously i love all of them and am so blessed to have them and i am so stupid for being anti-social and not reaching out when i needed help. i know they are there but its hard.

i can't wait for my friend to move back and for justin to move back it will be glorious!

hopefully i'll feel better enough to start working out again. i stopped when i got sick. and i am trying to learn how to crochet granny squares.

thats a little bit of whats going on with me. if you need prayer or just want to talk hit me up yo!

i wish more people read this but i don't know if many would care oh wells. peace out!