Tuesday, September 22, 2009

last night i sorta lost it. i was webcamming with my friend anna and justin. and at some point i just lost it cause i realized holy crap justin is coming for real. i guess seeing him on webcam really solidified it and i really got freakedo ut and had a moment about it. oi.

i dunno we'll see how it plays out. haha oh bother.

well today i felt like i needed to email our childrens ministry guy. to see if he needed help because we are really sort and we don't have a service lead really for the 9 am service so i asked if he needed help with email reminders and doing the schedule. so i am now doing the schedule. and earlier i was like ahhhhh cause i had so many things racing through my head at once i couldn't even read a book.

it was crazy so then i went of to community group......

i dunno like community group is great and all. and i get the point of it. but i don't like to talk. and today i had to talk and it really kind of frustrated me. mostly cause i don't like talking and it was like i was forced. and i sorta ended up crying. cause thats what happens. i don't like opening up to people i'm not completely close to and i'm not close with them thats true but i'm not totally close with many people. i have my core and that is what i need for now. i dunno it kinda frustrated me a little bit and i didn't know how to react to it.

hopefully tomorrow i can get stuff done on the schedule and such. i think now i will read my library book and go to bed. i'm trying to get that book done so i can start crazy love and start my book review book. oi vey. and i need to look for a job too. and do more etsy stuff mostly advertisement. ack k time for sleep until next time (which seems to be happening more often than not good for me) bye blogger friends!



  1. I don't see a point in worrying about the impending arrival of Justin. he may be weird but he seems harmless.

  2. Maybe you should talk to the leader of your CG. It shouldn't be a place that you are uncomfortable in to the point that you cry. It should be a place that supports you. You shouldn't be made or pressured into doing anything that you don't want to do.