Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Review - Influenza Bomb by by Paul McCusker and Walt Larimore, MD

Influenza bomb here is the description:

“Masses of people are dying from a mysterious flu. While the TSI team searches for a cure, a notorious eco-terrorist group,Return to Earth, uses an influenza bomb to poison the water. It’s a race against time—with the outcome impacting the entire world.

By the time the team discovers that the terrorists are using the water supply to infect people, the sickness is spreading worldwide and no one has a cure. When Return to Earth makes off with a mysterious device called the influenza bomb with the intent to destroy all of mankind, Dr. Hutchinson must stop the contamination from being spread before it’s too late. “

I waited so long for this book and I thought it was gonna be so great. But honestly I just couldn't get into it at allw hen I started reading it. It was super sad to me but I guess thats just how it is. It happens sometimes.


  1. I'm always so sad when I highly anticipate a book and then don't like it! Sorry this happened to you.