Wednesday, April 18, 2012

redeemed collection by dayspring!


“I am found redeemed remade transformed and treasured”

that is sometimes a hard statement to believe. But we ARE redeemed, we ARE remade, we ARE transformed and we ARE treasured. Romans 8:28 proves it!

And so there is the redeemed collection from Dayspring,

what I have received to review is the mug, teacup, memofile, and a gift bag.

What better way to be reminded of this true statement than a tea cup or a mug?! I love them and since i'm a tea drinker its just perfect.

Please check out what other things dayspring has to offer, the other pieces in the collection are awesome.

Thank you to dayspring for allowing me to review these.


  1. I love mugs! Probably because I love coffee!  Thanks for stopping by my blog---I love your design here. :)

  2. Oh wow I love those mugs!!! 

  3. Hi,  I  am  visiting  from little pink cupcakes and  the UBP.  We live  just across the   water  from each other (I'm a  Victoria girl!)  Great  blog!  I  love the  graphics!

  4. How awesome!! I'd love a mug like that! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today!

  5. i love the Truth behind these pieces. and how lovely are they!

  6. these mugs are awesome! your blog is super cute also =) thanks for visiting our site!